About Lean Junction Workshops

What you'll learn

You’ll get hands on experience creating and optimising process maps. As well as guided learning on what a process map is, what value stream mapping is, how to identify waste and make your company as lean as possible. We’ll also look at some real examples from your company, which our experts will give you actionable advice to take away and implement.

Who it's for

  • Team leaders and direct line managers should come along to learn how they can get the most from their team.
  • Senior management are encouraged to attend to learn how best to support their departments, and gain an understanding of what’s being implemented.
  • Project and product managers who are looking to expand their knowledge and enhance their skills should also come.

The cost

£349 – Includes all materials on the day, along with hot and cold drinks and office lunch

Qualified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelts

Our course material is written and presented by the best

Real World Examples

Interactive sessions you can get involved in


Small groups means constant feedback on how you’re doing

Usable tools

Actionable learning you can begin applying tomorrow

Free Materials

Take away worksheets to use with your colleagues

Learn how to make your company lean


8.30-9am Registration

Workshop introduction

An introduction to what the day will cover.

Your companies concerns

A chance for you to introduce yourselves and why you’re here.


What is an ideal problem statement?

How we write and define what the problem is.


An introduction to process mapping

An explanation of what process mapping is and how to do it. Suitable for any level of experience.


10.30am Coffee Break

Interactive process mapping

A hands on session to get you creating process maps with expert feedback.


12pm Lunch Break

Recap morning

A 10 minute recap of the mornings learning.


Types of waste

What are the different types of waste?


Value stream mapping

Are all of your companies activities adding value?


2.15pm Coffee Break

Identifying waste in your process

Apply your afternoons learning to your earlier process map, can you spot the waste?


The perfect process

Create the most efficient process from the morning scenario.


Your problems

We return to the mornings problems statements to address the concerns your company came in with, and how you can tackle them.


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